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We are excited to reintroduce the Catholic East Texas magazine. We are doing our best to provide content that you care about. You’ll find articles about the Catholic Faith, the liturgical calendar, our seminarians, social issues, and much more. 

Our top focus is excellent content. Be on the lookout for new articles that tell the stories of the lives of Catholics in East Texas. We are analyzing how we can provide this magazine in print form, which is much more costly than publishing online. We would greatly appreciate your help in making the decision.

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4 thoughts on “Take the Catholic East Texas Survey”
  1. The latest print edition of CET is still on public display at the Tyler Public Library for the entire community to read, a great evangelization tool. As a senior citizen I limit my screen time, have never used social media and prefer a print edition that I keep and refer to often. Having a computer is expensive and has greatly contributed to the cost of living. Many seniors continue to struggle with its use and updates. I know of poor people who can barely afford their rent, do not have a computer, nor a vehicle or bus fare to get to the library. There are seniors that will just not deal with a computer. Printed issues are very expensive, and funds are tight. Business and service ads help support our weekly parish bulletins. Perhaps ads/organizations could help support a print edition. Thank you for reading this and for the great job you do.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! We are definitely working to get the Catholic East Texas back in print.

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