Mary and Heroic Patience

“The Cross and nails of the Son were also those of His Mother; with Christ crucified the Mother was also crucified.” — St. Augustine

The Sanctity and Beginning of Life in Divine Revelation

Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life. . .

Review of Fr. George Elliott’s Discernment Do’s and Don’ts: A Practical Guide to Vocational Discernment

Fr. Elliott gives several straightforward, simple, and practical steps to better understanding God’s call for you in your life. Too often the discernment process is clouded in mysticism or rooted too heavily on emotion. We may wait for a glaring sign from God, a literal booming voice from heaven, before deciding what vocational path to take. Fr. Elliott’s steps, rather, help young people to hear “the still, small voice” that God often uses to speak to us.

Mary and the Virtue of Blind Obedience

Here’s the thing about Catholic teaching: it is precise and has been honed over two thousand years. Rarely is there a way to improve upon the words. Catholic doctrine is the most precisely articulated system of thought in the history of mankind. It is therefore appropriate to dive into what the Church teaches about faith and obedience rather than merely question the meaning of a confusing phrase.

Interview With Tyler Native, Shawn Carney, Founder of 40 Days for Life

When asked what gets him out of bed each morning to continue the pro-life effort even after fifteen years, Shawn said that it is because of the value of human life. “I think it’s the sense of urgency that comes with every abortion. Every single abortion ends an innocent human being. And no matter how long I have done this, I have never felt burnt out from the root of what we are fighting for. If I didn’t do this work, this thought would consume me.”

The Eucharist: the Real Presence of Jesus and the Greatest Gift of My Catholic Faith

In the context of John 6, Jesus does not tell us how we are to do what he asks but he is very clear that he meant what he said – a person needs to eat his flesh and drink his blood to have eternal life. Jesus knew there would be confusion but, ultimately, he wanted his disciples to trust him. Even if they did not fully understand, they should not walk away simply because they were disturbed or bewildered. God’s ways are not our ways. He would reveal more in time.

Jesus Christ: Teacher And Truth

In the New Testament, we find many titles for our Lord. He is the Christ (or Messiah), the Son of Man, the Son of God, the Word, the King of…

Real Talk On Natural Family Planning

Morally speaking, Natural Family Planning is very different from contraception. Contraception is the intentional sterilization of the marital act that essentially says, “Life is not welcome here.” NFP, on the other hand, always remains open to life, even if a couple chooses to wait until the infertile window to share in the marital embrace.