Meet the Institute Team: Angelina Estrada, Sales and Event Manager

Interview with Angelina Estrada – One thing that is really important to me is creating memorable events to help strengthen people’s relationships with Christ. Oftentimes our events are the first time those in attendance encounter Christ. For example when we have marriage retreats, many couples tell us that the retreat was the first time they had the opportunity to pray together as a couple. It brings me joy to know that the events and retreats I manage create that opportunity for people.

From the Director: Joy in Evangelization

By Stacy Trasancos – Religious education is an opportunity to bring the love of Christ to a soul who is searching. I think every person wants to be seen and appreciated, especially by those who instruct us. Like St. Philip, evangelists should view our role as us being the ones who run and catch up to others so we can accompany them, and we should take care that we do not make them feel that they need to catch up to us.

Meet the Institute Team: Luke Arredondo, Director of Faith Formation

Interview with Dr. Luke Arredondo – Building up the domestic church is an incredibly important and challenging endeavor. But we need to remember that even small steps are important and will help. Pray together as a family whenever you can, even if it’s just a short prayer. Read scripture, tell stories about the saints, and above all go to the Eucharist and Confession as a family. Start where you are, and make a small step in the right direction. You don’t have to turn your home into a silent retreat hall with a full monastic prayer schedule. But we have to try something, and we have to keep trying. So, again: why not try?!

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Meet the Institute Team: Deanna Johnston, Director of Family Life

CET Interview with Deanna Johnston – “I wish people understood how crucial their family is to the Body of Christ. Personally, I know it can be challenging for families to fall into comparing themselves to others and getting discouraged by what we don’t see. But recognizing that as individual families, if you are what God has called you to be, then you are living your domestic church to the best of your ability, as messy and loud and chaotic and simple as it can be.”