Meet the Institute Team: Deanna Johnston, Director of Family Life

CET Interview with Deanna Johnston – “I wish people understood how crucial their family is to the Body of Christ. Personally, I know it can be challenging for families to fall into comparing themselves to others and getting discouraged by what we don’t see. But recognizing that as individual families, if you are what God has called you to be, then you are living your domestic church to the best of your ability, as messy and loud and chaotic and simple as it can be.”

You Too Go Into My Vineyard: Meet Newly Ordained Fr. Martin Ahiaba

“If you are walking along the street and find a crumpled one-hundred-dollar bill in the gutter, will you go in there and pick it up?” Fr. Ahiaba asked. “…Yes! Because of the value. That is how the human soul is before God. Wherever you are trashed or dumped, he comes down there and picks you up. That is the approach that I see. That you have value. Their life is created in the image and likeness of God. Of course, we do not say that what they did is good; they did not steal candy to get into prison. Some are the most dangerous people in Texas, but still, they have value.”

Interview With Tyler Native, Shawn Carney, Founder of 40 Days for Life

When asked what gets him out of bed each morning to continue the pro-life effort even after fifteen years, Shawn said that it is because of the value of human life. “I think it’s the sense of urgency that comes with every abortion. Every single abortion ends an innocent human being. And no matter how long I have done this, I have never felt burnt out from the root of what we are fighting for. If I didn’t do this work, this thought would consume me.”