The Truth About Modesty

By Ann Burns – When we dress solely to express “ourselves,” we place ourselves at the center, believing that we should be able to dress how we please because it is about satisfying our own egos. It is turned inward — glorifying our own vanity and incapable of bearing fruit.
On the other hand, when we choose modesty, we choose to communicate something good and wonderful. Modesty partakes in the eternal because it is of God— it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit— and the things of God are rich and timeless.

Searching for the Feminine

By Ann H. Burns
Being womanly is so good and necessary. Being gentle is beautiful. When we are gentle, a powerful strength surges forth, heals, rejuvenates, and gives life. When we are gentle we are strong. When we are loving, and ready to give of ourselves, spring conquers the coldness of winter.