From the Director: Joy in Evangelization

By Stacy Trasancos – Like St. Philip, I think evangelists should view our roles as us being the ones who need to run and catch up to others so we can sit with them and teach them, and we should take care that we do not make them feel that they need to catch up to us.

From the Director: Zoom Meeting with Christ?

By Stacy Trasancos – Protestants perhaps did not suffer the loss of public worship the same as Catholics because they perpetually have a Zoom-call relationship with Christ — always long distance. They do not kneel in the presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist or receive Christ in communion at Mass. For them, it is as if a personal relationship with this man who lived 2,000 years ago is forever remote.

Defending Our Sacred Treasure

By Elizabeth Gillson – As the media swarms with speculation about the upcoming USCCB meeting, Catholics must keep a clear understanding of our sacred Tradition. Though some might try to drag the Church into the mire of partisan bickering, the everlasting Kingdom of God transcends petty politics. The bishop is not a lobbyist or political henchman. He is a successor to the Apostles. The Eucharist is not his to manipulate, rather it is the “sacred treasure of the Church.” It is his great and terrible mission to guard and hand on what he has received from Jesus Christ through the Apostles.

From the Director: Could You Love a Clone or a Chimera?

By Stacy Trasancos – How will we respond if scientists and politicians decide that lab created humans have a lower moral status? How will we treat human–animal chimeras that are the result of research? Will we willingly avail ourselves of cures and medical knowledge gained from this research? Ultimately, it will be up to the people of faith to show society how to love these people too.

Real Talk On Natural Family Planning

Morally speaking, Natural Family Planning is very different from contraception. Contraception is the intentional sterilization of the marital act that essentially says, “Life is not welcome here.” NFP, on the other hand, always remains open to life, even if a couple chooses to wait until the infertile window to share in the marital embrace.

Scripture and the Eucharist

Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. That’s obviously a bold statement; and many Christians don’t believe it. It’s the official teaching of the Catholic Church, but studies show that…

Aquinas the Biblical Theologian

Recently, I had the honor of presenting a paper at an academic conference centered on Aquinas as a Biblical Theologian. Academic discussions can seem disconnected from and irrelevant to our…