W(holy) Taking Care of You: Six Ways to Uplift Your Mental Health

By Sonja Morin – Believe it or not, there’s many. One of the go-tos is St. Thérèse of Lisieux, who likely struggled with depression and anxiety. St. Oscar Romero battled OCD his entire life. Some holy figures, like Venerable Matt Talbot and St. Mark Ji Tianxiang, battled addiction, even to their dying day. St. Dymphna (whose feast we celebrate May 15th) is considered one of the ultimate patrons of mental health.

Open Wide the Door

By Sonja Morin – At this age where we are choosing our careers, discerning our vocations, and finding “home” among loved ones, this is especially important to remember. There are circumstances in our lives which we can’t control. There are times when dreams are fulfilled, and times where our perfect visions fail. The unpredictability of life is probably the most certain fact about it.