The Mass in the Early Church

We might encounter someone who says, “Sure, the worship style is similar, but the early Church didn’t think that Jesus was really present in the bread like modern Catholics do. That was a later invention by the Catholic Church.” But they couldn’t be further from the truth!

Scripture and the Eucharist

Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. That’s obviously a bold statement; and many Christians don’t believe it. It’s the official teaching of the Catholic Church, but studies show that…

Aquinas the Biblical Theologian

Recently, I had the honor of presenting a paper at an academic conference centered on Aquinas as a Biblical Theologian. Academic discussions can seem disconnected from and irrelevant to our…

8 Simple (but not easy) Steps to Happiness

Once we see life properly, we will find that the goods of this life (pleasure, comfort, wealth, power, fame, etc.) aren’t what really make us happy. Poverty of Spirit, meekness, justice and the other beatitudes are the true way to happiness. It seems like a total paradox, but its the gospel truth!