Defending the Resurrection

Dr. Luke Arredondo
If someone asks you to identify the single most important doctrine in Christianity, how would you reply? It’s probably not the principle of double effect. Could it be the fall of Adam and Eve? Creation itself? The infallibility of Scripture? All of those are fine and well, and very important for Christianity. But according to St. Paul, there is one teaching that stands out above all the rest. If this one teaching is true, it changes everything, and if it is not, then everything is a lie.

Book Review: A Church in Crisis

Review by Dr. Luke Arredondo
We need to center our lives around the Eucharist, nourish our minds and hearts by reading and reverencing the Scriptures, and beg upon and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. Rather than give in to sorrow about the current crises facing the Church, Martin exhorts all of us to cling more steadfastly to the Lord. As Bishop Strickland is fond of saying, we need to be first century Christians in a twenty first century world.

Francesco: Be Not Afraid

Yesterday, Catholic and secular news outlets were reporting on a new documentary featuring Pope Francis, titled “Francesco” which has yet to appear in North America, but made its Vatican premier…

A Treasure in Clay

Recently, news spread from the Diocese of Peoria that the Beatification of Venerable Fulton Sheen, which had been scheduled for December 21, would be postponed. The press release gave few…