Novissima Pt. 4: Purgatory

By Fr. John-Mary S. W. Bowlin, KCHS – We require purification after death before we can enter Heaven, because while all sins dirty the soul, not all of them are mortal, that is, deadly (1 John 5:16-17). The word traditionally used for this “prison” (using the image that Jesus used) by which we are cleansed “as through fire” is Purgatory.

Novissima Pt. 3: Death

Fr. John-Mary S.W. Bowlin, KCHS
Love is concerned with the present and the duties of the present, pleasing the Beloved now. Holiness is, practically speaking, fulfilling the duties of our state in life. Therefore, we should understand our duties well – our duties to God, our neighbor and ourselves, as well as the priorities of our duties, while also accepting our limitations.

Novissima Pt. 2: Called to be Saints

Holiness is not beyond our grasp—it is what we were all created for! We give glory to God by fulfilling his will which he summarized in the two Great Commandments (Matt. 22:37-39). The example of the saints is so important because it shows us what love looks like in action. In order to follow their examples, we have to know their lives, which is why we should read and study the lives of the saints.

Novissima Pt. 1: Judgment, Hell and Heaven

We are created to know, love, and serve God in this life, so as to be happy with him in the next. In fact, everything exists for our union with God, through Christ, in His Mystical Body, the Church. While God’s plan for each person differs from person to person, every man, woman and child who has ever lived and will ever live, was created to be a saint. No matter our state in life, our wealth, or education, we are all called to enjoy eternal life with God in Heaven.