Abortion and the Illusion of Progress

By Dr. Donald DeMarco – It may very well be that the origin of the abortion mentality is the inability or the reluctance to see the good in goodness, to see the value of the human unborn, to grasp the dignity of procreation. From that initial misstep follows a myriad of consequential errors until light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light.

The Flight from Hypocrisy

By Dr. Donald DeMarco – Encountering counterfeit Catholics is not something that should surprise us, let alone scandalize us. A nurse would not quit her hospital job because she discovered that it housed invalids. One may be disappointed to run into a heretic at Mass, or an infidel at a Christmas party. But these are not occasions that would justify fleeing from the Church. We should trust the Church at least as much as we trust legal tender. Moreover, we should be more accepting of counterfeit Catholics than we are with counterfeit money. The former are reformable, whereas the latter is not.

Where Have You Gone Bishop Sheen?

By Dr. Donald DeMarco – We are confronted with the same problem in our world of today: truth versus novelty. Sheen had the enviable ability to make truth appear fresh and novelty appear stale. People hunger for something new and it is delivered at their doorstep each day in the form of the daily newspaper. The Bible, the eternal world of God, gathers dust while readers hungrily scan the newspaper.

What Should We Hope For?

By Dr. Donald DeMarco – Our hope is that the present pandemic serves as a catalyst that assists in a conversion of the heart. Our fear is that it will bring about discouragement that leads to an increase in suicide, abortion, and euthanasia. Our hope, therefore, must be stronger than our fear. History offers us inspirational characters who were able to advance through suffering from anonymity to greatness. We offer the examples of St. Paul of Tarsus, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and John Keats.

The Church is Positive. Its Detractors are Negative.

We are confronted with a clash between truth and sentimentality. In a world ruled by sentimentality, everything is “nice.” It is a utopia in which there is no sin and everyone accepts everyone. C. S. Lewis had a more trenchant notion of what it is like to be “nice” and only “nice”. In his novel, That Hideous Strength (1945), he presents N.I.C.E. as “The National Institute for Coordinated Experiments” which was a front for sinister supernatural forces. If the truth is not nice, it is because it is liberating. And there are many people who simply do not want to be liberated. Liberation simply requires too much honesty and too much effort.