Book Review: A Church in Crisis

Review by Dr. Luke Arredondo
We need to center our lives around the Eucharist, nourish our minds and hearts by reading and reverencing the Scriptures, and beg upon and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. Rather than give in to sorrow about the current crises facing the Church, Martin exhorts all of us to cling more steadfastly to the Lord. As Bishop Strickland is fond of saying, we need to be first century Christians in a twenty first century world.

Searching for the Feminine

By Ann H. Burns
Being womanly is so good and necessary. Being gentle is beautiful. When we are gentle, a powerful strength surges forth, heals, rejuvenates, and gives life. When we are gentle we are strong. When we are loving, and ready to give of ourselves, spring conquers the coldness of winter.

Lenten Practices for Youth

In the Gospels, whenever Jesus traveled alone it was usually to find a place to pray. Jesus prays in order to teach us how to pray. In the sixth chapter of Matthew, the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray and it is on this occasion that Jesus gives us the “Our Father.”