Diocese to Host Marriage Enrichment Conference on October 23, 2021

Diocesan News – The Diocese recognizes the importance of forming all married couples, from newlyweds to empty nesters, to live out their vocation in holiness and joy! As St. John Paul II famously said, “As goes the family, so goes the nation, and so goes the entire world in which we live.” It is of crucial importance that families in the Church are empowered to understand and live out their vocation.

Meet the Institute Team: Angelina Estrada, Sales and Event Manager

Interview with Angelina Estrada – One thing that is really important to me is creating memorable events to help strengthen people’s relationships with Christ. Oftentimes our events are the first time those in attendance encounter Christ. For example when we have marriage retreats, many couples tell us that the retreat was the first time they had the opportunity to pray together as a couple. It brings me joy to know that the events and retreats I manage create that opportunity for people.

Missionaries of the New Evangelization Bring Deliverance Conference to Diocese, Aug. 6-7, 2021

Diocesan News – In August of 2020, Fr. Greg Bramlage brought the Missionaries of the New Evangelization to the Diocese of Tyler to teach, evangelize and help people find healing and deliverance. One of the ways Fr. Bramlage does this is through Deliverance Conferences for priests and the laity. The first conference in the Diocese of Tyler will be August 6-7, 2021 at Bishop Gorman High School.

Fr. Casey Cole, OFM to Speak at St. Mary’s in Longview, July 9-11th

Diocesan News – St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Longview, TX will be holding a parish mission with Fr. Casey Cole, OFM July 9th-11th. The topic for this weekend will be Fr. Casey’s book “Let Go: Seven Stumbling Blocks to Christian Discipleship” and how to overcome the obstacles that often get in the way of following Christ.

Meet the Institute Team: Luke Arredondo, Director of Faith Formation

Interview with Dr. Luke Arredondo – Building up the domestic church is an incredibly important and challenging endeavor. But we need to remember that even small steps are important and will help. Pray together as a family whenever you can, even if it’s just a short prayer. Read scripture, tell stories about the saints, and above all go to the Eucharist and Confession as a family. Start where you are, and make a small step in the right direction. You don’t have to turn your home into a silent retreat hall with a full monastic prayer schedule. But we have to try something, and we have to keep trying. So, again: why not try?!

Defending Our Sacred Treasure

By Elizabeth Gillson – As the media swarms with speculation about the upcoming USCCB meeting, Catholics must keep a clear understanding of our sacred Tradition. Though some might try to drag the Church into the mire of partisan bickering, the everlasting Kingdom of God transcends petty politics. The bishop is not a lobbyist or political henchman. He is a successor to the Apostles. The Eucharist is not his to manipulate, rather it is the “sacred treasure of the Church.” It is his great and terrible mission to guard and hand on what he has received from Jesus Christ through the Apostles.

Bishop Strickland Ordains Four New Priests in the Diocese of Tyler

By Elizabeth Slaten – In a special way, these new priests are called by our Lord to follow him, serve him and to care for his Church. As the lay faithful, we are called to love and support these priests in their mission to be servants of Christ and his Church. Let us be sure to constantly keep them in our prayers.

Catholic Store Comes to Tyler: Grand Opening June 5th

By Elizabeth Slaten – We hear in 1 Peter 4:10, “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” As Christians, we are all called to respond to this commission and use the gifts we’ve been given to serve God and his people. For Daniel and Diana Collins this means opening a Catholic store in the Diocese of Tyler.

No Better Time Than Now: A Catechist’s Reflection on RCIY

By Angelina Estrada – If I had to give advice to someone thinking of becoming a catechist I would say what Fr. Victor said, “there’s no better time than now.” If God is calling you to serve, let the Holy Spirit guide you and do not be afraid to put yourself out there.