Burdens and Blessings of Infertility

By Mikki Sciba – The cross of infertility was heavy. It seemed like everyone around us was blessed with babies except us. When there was news that a family member, friend, or acquaintance at church was expecting, our hearts would be flooded with joy at new life but also sorrow that we may never get to experience the joy of expecting. When my friends would get together for much needed girl time, the conversation would often shift to topics about pregnancy, birth stories, and breastfeeding. I had nothing to share and I couldn’t relate. I felt left out and sad wondering why God would deny us such a great gift.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Hosted Convention in Texarkana

By Lindsey McMillan – The Catholic Daughters of the Americas hosted the 52nd Biennial State Convention in Texarkana April 14-18, 2021. This was a big undertaking seeing as the convention which usually hosts over a thousand women was taking place just a year after the pandemic began. Texarkana and Sacred Heart Catholic Church were honored to be hosting the event, says former State Regent Melodie Brunt. All CDC precautions and protocol were followed as 482 CDA members and state officers gathered at the Texarkana Convention Center for a weekend filled with events and seminars.

Diocese to Host Marriage Enrichment Conference on October 23, 2021

Diocesan News – The Diocese recognizes the importance of forming all married couples, from newlyweds to empty nesters, to live out their vocation in holiness and joy! As St. John Paul II famously said, “As goes the family, so goes the nation, and so goes the entire world in which we live.” It is of crucial importance that families in the Church are empowered to understand and live out their vocation.

Meet the Institute Team: Angelina Estrada, Sales and Event Manager

Interview with Angelina Estrada – One thing that is really important to me is creating memorable events to help strengthen people’s relationships with Christ. Oftentimes our events are the first time those in attendance encounter Christ. For example when we have marriage retreats, many couples tell us that the retreat was the first time they had the opportunity to pray together as a couple. It brings me joy to know that the events and retreats I manage create that opportunity for people.

Teach Your Children About the Saints

By Elizabeth Slaten – The saints have much to teach us, but we must know them first. Maria has become my life long friend because my mom introduced me to her story as a child. The saints want to be the lifelong companions of your children as well. As a parent, you are invited to introduce your children to the saints that will walk with them throughout their lives.

Jesus in the Ordinary

By Robert Judge – The liturgical seasons in our Catholic culture are taken directly from our Israelite roots. The book of Leviticus prescribes feasts: Passover, Weeks, Booths, the Years of Jubilee and Penances, the Day of Atonement, Confession and Restitution, that mark the movement of the year(s). It is not strange then that the Messianic age in the Eucharistic covenant would have liturgical seasons as well. The promise made to Abraham that he would be a blessing to the nations (Genesis 12:2, 22:18) is realized in Jesus, who grafts all the nations onto the trunk of Israel which forms the New Israel, constituted as the Catholic Church.

10 Books Every Woman Must Read

By Ann Burns – Cue the lackadaisical glories of summer! Hopefully you have some beach trips planned, or at the very least, can anticipate some idle nights spent on the patio or front porch. Maybe you love making sangria or taking trips to the ice cream parlor. However you plan to capture the magic of summertime, I hope with all my heart you’ve compiled a summer reading list. That is the most ethereal element of all. Never fear: in case you haven’t, or you’re not sure where to even begin, here are ten books that every woman should read.

Missionaries of the New Evangelization Bring Deliverance Conference to Diocese, Aug. 6-7, 2021

Diocesan News – In August of 2020, Fr. Greg Bramlage brought the Missionaries of the New Evangelization to the Diocese of Tyler to teach, evangelize and help people find healing and deliverance. One of the ways Fr. Bramlage does this is through Deliverance Conferences for priests and the laity. The first conference in the Diocese of Tyler will be August 6-7, 2021 at Bishop Gorman High School.

Abortion and the Illusion of Progress

By Dr. Donald DeMarco – It may very well be that the origin of the abortion mentality is the inability or the reluctance to see the good in goodness, to see the value of the human unborn, to grasp the dignity of procreation. From that initial misstep follows a myriad of consequential errors until light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light.

Called to Action: What Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Teaches About Our Duty to Our Country

By Sonja Morin – Life might have been easier for Pier Giorgio, had he succumbed to the conditions of his community. He could have followed the same path as his fellow Italians, ignoring the real issues in favor of comfort found in like-minded people. His advantage as the son of a senator gave him all the more reason to do so, as most wouldn’t be willing to risk a prestigious social position. He could have used his wealth to promote his own views and standing. He chose the more difficult path, to the confusion of many others. Ultimately, he chose love every single day, love that would ensure real, positive change for countless people.